Which session is for me??


There’s honestly no wrong answer here, I’ll meet you wherever you are! Each session is an investment in your own Self-awareness, love, acceptance, actualization, realization, ownership, & sovereignty.

In my sessions, I use Human Design and intuition to retrieve information that’s relevant for you NOW. You’ll receive action steps to shift your energy into alignment, release conditioning, and become closer to your Self.  

Want to talk about further support in a longer container? Please reach out!

Remember, each session gives you the tools, but it’s up to you to do the work! This knowledge makes a difference when it’s put into practice and integrated into your cells, into your heart, into your daily life.


Human Design Clarity Session

Clarity Sessions are all about looking at current patterns in your life and providing a fresh perspective through the lens of your Human Design.

It’s impossible to cover every aspect of our charts in just a few sessions, so instead of trying to cram everything in, we’ll start with what you actually need to know and what’s relevant NOW.

We’ll make sure you have a solid grasp of Strategy & Authority so you can begin to integrate those. (When we’re able to surrender to S&A, everything else falls into place!)

Human Design Exploration Package

Human Design is V A S T and integrating even the basic knowledge takes T I M E.

The rewards for surrendering to your design are vast as well, but “surrender” is harder than it sounds. In this series of sessions, we’ll check in at least once a month to see how the experiment’s going, uncover more aspects of your chart, look at how you can integrate this wisdom into your daily life, and cultivate practices to shift your energy to a new level.



Relationship Decoder

This session is for two people~ partners, friends, parent and child, colleagues, etc. (It’s ideal but definitely not necessary for both parties to be present.)

We’re all completely unique, seeing and experiencing the world unlike anyone else. When we experience discord in our relationships, it’s often a result of miscommunication and misunderstandings rather than an actual conflict. Having an understanding and acceptance of the way we and others exist in the world can reframe our differences and neutralize this discord.

This isn't about setting "rules" for compatibility based on design, but coming to a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, learning not to take our idiosyncrasies personally, and freeing up energy to enjoy our relationships.