Energetics and the I'Ching

Energetics and the I’Ching . Laurel Hill Workshop Human Design
Energetics and the I’Ching . Laurel Hill Workshop Human Design . img source unknown

Each of the 64 gates in our Human Design bodygraph corresponds to an energy described in the I'Ching, the Book of Changes, one of the world's most ancient texts. Interestingly, they also correspond to the 64 codons of our DNA, our genetic code.

We're all capable of expressing the infinite possibilities of each energetic center, the shadows and the gifts, but we came in with certain strengths, highlighted in our Human Design charts where gates and channels are activated.

These neutrino activations show us our inherent gifts so we can accept where we're struggling against our nature, get out of our own way, surrender to ourselves, and enjoy the ride.

Often, discovering these gifts feels like a huge relief, a massive exhale of breath we didn’t even know we were holding.

In your chart, look to the areas that are activated with color to find your own gifts. None are better or worse than any other, but they’re all a perfect mirror of your potential.

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