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Human Design Profile // Laurel Hill Workshop

Why pay attention to Profile??

Our Human Design Strategy gives us the way we’re energetically designed to flow in the world, Authority reveals the reliable inner wisdom we can count on to make decisions, and Profile is the role we play in this life in order to achieve our purpose. Remember that there are infinite expressions of these archetypal energies, so don’t feel pigeonholed! You’ll play your role in a way completely unique to you.

Does your Profile resonate with you?

Line 6 ~ Role Model
Line 5 ~ Heretic
Line 4 ~ Opportunist
Line 3 ~ Martyr
Line 2 ~ Hermit
Line 1 ~ Investigator

And what do those names actually mean? The keynotes of each of the 6 lines are rather abstract, so I made a guide explaining the basic archetypes of each Profile line in layman’s terms. Sign up for the Human Design Profile Guide below if you’d like help clearing up what it means to carry the energetics of a 6/2, Role Model/Hermit, for example.

What determines Profile?? 

If you look at the top two numbers in each column on the left and right of your chart, you’ll see the four Gates that make up your Incarnation Cross, your life purpose. (Please don’t worry about making any decisions based on whether or not it “fits” your Incarnation Cross; always follow Strategy and Authority and your Cross will find you.) The top decimal point on the right is the first number in your Profile, and the top left decimal point is the second number.

You may identify more strongly with the first number in your Profile because it describes a conscious energy, part of your personality, while the second number is an unconscious energy, embedded in your body. Both are keys to your purpose in this life. 

There are 12 profiles in total, determined by the geometry of your Incarnation Cross (a lesson for another day). Lines 1-3 focus inward on one’s own process, while lines 4-6 begin to look outward, seeing how their own process can influence the world.

It’s so interesting to see how people uniquely embody their profile, working with the push and pull of each of these energies within their bodies!! And as with so many facets of Human Design, awareness of your Profile can provide a huge sigh of relief, that by living authentically as yourself, as weird as it may seem, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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