Neutrino Weather for the New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Neutrino Weather for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer // Laurel Hill Workshop Human Design

During today’s Solar Eclipse, both the Sun and Moon will sit at the 2nd line of the 39th gate in the root center, which can manifest as a pressure to seek spiritual awareness, to experience passionate emotions in order to cultivate growth and self-awareness, a provocative energy that seeks self-empowering true love vs co-dependancy. So self-love is of course a big theme here, and with the Sun and Moon also in Cancer, allowing yourself to really feel your feelings during this eclipse is key. Self-love means honoring every part of yourself in this human suit, not forcing yourself to be happy all the time, and if you submerge and sugarcoat your emotions, the transformation is stifled.

We also have the channel of rhythm currently activated by Venus and Jupiter, so take some time to tune into your own flow, however that looks. You may find yourself moving a bit outside of your typical routine, or you may feel called to create more structure, and all of that is totally fine. Keep what feels good, release any rigidity that you've outgrown, and let yourself cycle with nature and your own body.