Saying Goodbye to Jewelry


It probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you that it’s time for me to release the jewelry business to create space for Human Design sessions. It’s been such a gift for over a decade, but the actual business side, the production and fabrication, all the hundreds and thousands of tiny actions that go into maintaining this business, no longer feels aligned for me in the way it once did.

A few years ago I knew I needed a shift and felt the waves of a huge transformation coming, but I had NO IDEA what it would look like, and the direction it’s taken is certainly beyond anything I could’ve imagined, but I’m SO GRATEFUL for the struggle that got me here. When I say “struggle,” I’m not referring to any one thing in particular, but the overall feeling of being adrift without an anchor, feeling burnt out and unhappy doing the work I once loved, knowing that there’s something else out there but not knowing how to get there, or what I was even looking for. Or who the hell I’d be without the identity of “jewelry maker.” And the biggest, hardest part was surrendering to the process, living as a Projector with emotional authority, which is FAR from the way we’re taught to succeed in the world. The journey’s certainly not over, and it never is, and we’ll always need those struggles to challenge us into growth, but it feels like I’ve finally reached a bit of a resting place. Not the comfiest resting place, as there’s still so much that I want to bring in, but at least a small perch on the side of the mountain I’m climbing. And I’m beyond happy about helping others get to their own comfy perches.

Learning Human Design 100% set me on a new course, and I feel SO much better about every single aspect of my life. Of course there are other tools I used, and I plan on writing some posts about specifics in case any of it resonates with others, because I want everyone to be aware of all the available resources. And please share any of your favorite tools/books/teachers/resources with me!!

Thanks again for supporting my jewelry passion, and thanks so much to friends old and new who are opening new portals to themselves in Human Design sessions!