Podcast Interview with As Woo Woo As You Want



While I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago as a guest practitioner at Maha Rose, I was invited to be on the As Woo Woo As You Want podcast, which was both incredibly exciting and incredibly terrifying. A fellow Missoulian sent me a message about it, telling me I should hook up with the creators, Celine and Jeremiah, while I was in town, and I responded, with relief, something along the lines of “Oh that’s so awesome but as a Projector I really have to wait for the invitation *shrug emoji*” and then immediately saw the actual invitation from Jeremiah in my inbox, causing a mild wave of panic. I definitely don’t feel comfortable speaking in a public forum, which is essentially a sign that I need to get comfy with it. If I turned down the invitation, it would’ve been purely out of fear, so of course I had to do it.

One of my practices is examining every decision to see if it’s coming from a place of high or low self-worth. So turning down the podcast invitation? Such a relief! Don’t have to put myself in a position to embarrass myself! But I’d also know what a coward I was being. Low self-worth. Accepting the podcast invite? Fucking terrifying, but clearly the right thing to do. High self-worth. So I accepted.

Of course another big piece of that decision was the actual podcast, and after listening to a few minutes of their first episode I was hooked. Celine and Jeremiah immediately felt like friends I could hang out with, and the production quality is amazing.

So have a listen, excuse my froggy voice (result of talking for hours on end all week in sessions), and I hope you learn something new about Human Design!!