The Root Center

Human Design Root Center

Burnout and adrenal fatigue are REAL (if you've been there you know) and it's one of the themes that's coming up frequently in Human Design sessions and in my own life (...for years 🙈). The Root Center is one of two pressure centers and is responsible for adrenalized physical pressure. (The other is the Crown, at the top of our head, where we experience mental pressure to figure things out.)

We're designed to go at our own natural, easy pace instead of frantically trying to get things done. When we constantly stress about our timeline, reacting to pressure from ourselves or others, our body's in a sustained state of fight or flight, which comprises our immune system and overall state of health and wellbeing. Over time, we can actually become addicted to the rush of hormones that accompany that state, even though it's making us sick and miserable. Yes, we can actually become addicted to even the shittiest feelings, but awareness can help us break the habit and create a new reality.

So for our Root Center, the key is to remember that there's no rush. As humans we'll always experience moments of crisis, but if you feel like you have to speed up ALL the time, what can you do to change your reality? Where are you giving away your energy, what actually NEEDS to get done, what can wait, and what actually isn't that important? Will rushing actually improve the situation, or are you ramping up your stress for no good reason? If you struggle with this, practice intentionally slowing down during at least one activity every day so you can experience how great it feels to just BE.

I do this during my daily gua sha routine, and I know it sounds like such a cliche, but being truly mindful and present makes the biggest difference in the way I feel, like a conscious moving meditation that fills me up vs depleting me.

That feeling of being serene in the moment becomes a habit, just like frantically rushing was once a habit, but it takes practice and awareness. Just once a day even for five minutes will create shifts! Start today.

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