Human Design Strategy

If you only take two things from Human Design, STRATEGY & AUTHORITY are the ones to know.

Knowing your Channels, Profile, Incarnation Cross, etc, doesn’t really matter if you’re not living your Design, which means tuning into the way your aura is designed to interact with the world (STRATEGY) and the way you’re designed to tune into your body to make major decisions (AUTHORITY).

Sometimes I hear from people that they’re disappointed to learn about their Type because their Strategy feels passive and disempowering, but that’s the opposite of what Human Design is here to do! Following your Strategy gets you out of the Not-Self patterns that lead to frustration, bitterness, disappointment, and anger. Once we tune into what those Strategies mean for us in practice, that’s when we start to see how empowering it is to, for example, wait for what’s correct, vs struggling and rushing after every little thing that we *think* might lead us where we want to go. Tuning into our Strategy creates ease and flow in our lives.

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Human Design Manifestor Strategy


In Human Design, Manifestors have the unique ability to initiate impulses into form, & shape the material plane in ways that, because of our conditioning, might feel like an uphill battle to non-Manifestors. (That doesn’t mean that we’re not all designed to bring our dreams into reality, because we are! It just means that the way we'll make those materializations flow into existence is a bit different, and our manifestations will flow when we surrender to our own empowering Strategy.)

Manifestors have a selective aura that’s designed to clear resistance so their manifestations can have a clear, clean impact, resulting in their signature, a feeling of PEACE. When not in the habit of informing, Manifestors can make people feel uneasy because others sense that powerful Manifestor aura and fear what they can’t control, or fear being left behind and out of the loop.

Which leads us to the Manifestor Strategy— Inform & Initiate. When you feel clarity in your body that it’s time to make a move, think about everyone who will be affected by your decision and inform them, then initiate into action. It may feel counter-intuitive for a Manifestor to inform in order to clear resistance, but give it a try and see how it works for you. When people are aware of your plans, they don’t feel out of the loop and they don’t fear being left behind. You may even find some valuable allies in the process, and your detractors have the opportunity to get out of your way.

As a Manifestor, not everyone will love you, and that’s 1000% ok!!!!! In fact it’s ideal for you, because you’ll attract your co-creators and repel your detractors, opening the road and clearing your path of resistance.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

Human Design Generator Strategy

Generators (including Manifesting Generators) make up about 70% of the world’s population, and they literally power the world, so it’s SO IMPORTANT for them to be listening to their body. We’ve probably all been in a room of burnt-out, frustrated Generators at some point (toxic workplaces being an obvious example) and that vibe is *contagious*, so being a satisfied powerhouse Generator is honestly the very best thing they can do for themselves and humanity. We can’t make the world better if we’re burnt down to the ground, stuck in our own shit.

What is RESPONSE? It isn’t as passive as it sounds! It means engaging with life and pursuing the ideas/people/places/opportunities/etc that really light you up, instead of letting your mind run the show, giving you a million reasons why you should be doing this or that. LET YOUR GUT DECIDE. The Generator aura is warm and magnetic and enveloping, and pulls everything towards you, so everything you need will show up in your life. Your job is to use your body’s response mechanism to external stimuli to let you know whether or not it’s right for you, and not let your mind push you around. The mind is a beautiful, amazing tool, but in this era our bodies are our greatest gift for making decisions.

RESPONSE is your body’s protection mechanism against burnout, overwhelm, committing to too many things out of obligation, fear, etc. Your mind might give you a rational reason why X will be good for you, but the key is to listen to your gut response, in the moment.

Do you feel an excitement in your gut, a confirmation that something in your body is giving you the go-ahead, maybe even a physical pull towards something? Or maybe you feel repelled, repulsed, a sinking feeling in your gut, or tired just thinking about it. Verbal cues are key, but not so much mastery of language here. We’re looking for guttural vocalizations, the primal uh-huh and unh-unh sounds that little children make. When you encounter anything on your path, pay attention to that physical reaction in your body. When life brings you people, situations, opportunities, inspiration, etc, listen to that Sacral voice! Engage with the YESes, disengage from the NOs, and revisit the neutrals after your body’s had a chance to find some clarity.


Human Design Projector Strategy

Projectors are here to GUIDE, because we can deeply see into the inner workings of others & we have an enhanced ability to see things from a big-picture perspective. BUT because we have such a penetrating aura, our awareness can feel uncomfortable to others if they’re not ready to receive it. (Or if we're giving off bossy know-it-all vibes.) If we try to share our perspective without first being recognized for our gifts and invited to share, we meet with resistance or outright dismissal, leading to our Not-Self feeling of BITTERNESS. To avoid feeling bitter about not being recognized for your gifts, WAIT FOR RECOGNITION & an INVITATION to share.

Just because you may see a more efficient way to complete a project, or which behaviors are leading to someone’s “problem,” unless you’ve been invited to share your perspective, DON’T. It may be hard at first to wait for the invitation before you share, but when others are ready for your wisdom, they’ll ask (or follow you on social, sign up for your newsletter, etc). It isn’t always a literal invitation, so if you sense an energetic interest in what you have to offer, ask if you can share! When you wait for the correct timing, others are receptive and appreciative, leading to that Signature feeling of SUCCESS.

What to do while you’re waiting? Live your life! Hone your skills! Projectors all have a niche, something they’re really good at, something they see really clearly that doesn’t come so easily to others. Don’t worry if you don’t know what your niche is, just keep observing and learning. Every industry needs Projectors, so don’t feel limited, just follow where your inspirations lead. Your Projector niche may not even exist yet, and you might be here to create it.

And remember, “waiting for the invitation” only applies to sharing your wisdom with others!! It doesn’t mean sitting on your couch waiting for every single thing to come to you. If you want to take a class, hang out with friends, go to the thrift store, or also just sit on your couch, please live your life.


Human Design Reflector Strategy

This Strategy might be wildest to wrap our heads around. Reflectors are completely open lunar beings, fully taking in the energetics of their community. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, Reflectors mirror the life force of Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, and Projectors that surround them. As lunar beings, their Strategy is to wait 28 days, a full lunar cycle, to make big decisions. As the moon transits the sky, all 64 gates will be activated within Reflectors in a consistent monthly pattern, giving them different lenses through which they see the world. By experiencing all those different energies throughout the lunar cycle, Reflectors will come to a place of clarity as to which decision feels correct for them. They may not even need the full cycle to reach clarity, but when first entering into this experiment, it’s best to get a clear understanding of your body’s consistent pattern throughout the cycle before committing to anything major.

We can become conditioned that stability and consistency are desirable, but Reflectors are here to fully experience the variety that life has to offer, so feeling like a chameleon is actually very healthy. Reflectors are here to experience their Signature feeling of surprise & delight, and environment is key! Make sure you feel like the best, most delighted version of yourself in your community. If you feel perpetually bored, unseen, stagnant, or disappointed, that’s a huge Reflector signpost that it’s time to let go and move on.

Reflectors are the mirrors of our communities, reflecting our well-being (or not) back to us. You have the ability to sample everyone else’s energy, and your aura is super resilient to give you the opportunity to experience this energy, but too much sampling of energies that don’t feel correct for you can take its toll, so it’s important to know when enough is enough, and make sure you have plenty of time to yourself so you can empty out all those energies that aren’t your own, and just be in your own aura, back to yourself.

Reflectors are only 1% of the population, so they're the unicorns of Human Design. Reflectors, are you out there??


Getting comfortable with your Strategy is KEY to living your Design.

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