Mantras for Each Human Design Aura Type


Seasonal theme // UPGRADE + ALIGN

This month’s alignment of the equinox/full moon/birth of Aries is be a MAJOR time for shining a light on who you are so you can let go of programming that's holding you back, so use whatever modality you resonate with to dig in and get some work done. There's always a payoff with inner examination, but this current energy is extra potent for upleveling.

These mantras, along with some honest looks at how we’re perpetuating our own cycles of frustration, bitterness, anger, and/or disappointment, can help each Aura type recognize how to maintain their balance or come back into alignment.

Obviously, we are all HUMAN, so of course we will experience situations that aren’t ideal, and we will make mistakes, and become completely UN-balanced, but that’s the spiral of life, and we always have the opportunity to circle back into alignment.

Alignment is whatever we say it is, whatever feels right for us.

Don’t know your aura type? Find out here.

Laurel Hill Human Design Manifestor Mantra


I cultivate balance when I initiate with impact and clarity when it feels right in my body, instead of letting my mind push me into initiating (or shrinking from it) from a place of fear. I inform everyone affected by my actions so the path of resistance can be cleared— my co-creators will step forward and my detractors can step out of the way.

Laurel Hill Human Design Reflector Mantra


I cultivate balance when I let go of the idea that I have to be one certain way. Consistency is not a requirement. I allow myself to flourish in the environments and relationships that delight me, and I unapologetically follow my own lunar timeline.

Laurel Hill Human Design Projector Mantra


I cultivate balance when I focus on honing my own skills, and allow recognition and invitations to come to me. I maintain balance by observing and staying present without acting on the conditioned desire to initiate relationships and projects with other people. (special Projector sidenote: “not initiating” doesn’t mean “not doing.” that’s important :))

Laurel Hill Human Design Generator and Manifesting Generator Mantra

Generator + Manifesting Generator

I cultivate balance when I focus on the people and projects that genuinely excite me. I let life bring me what I need, allowing my body to guide my responses. I maintain my balance when I enter situations/relationships based on my body’s responses, instead of what my mind tells me I “should” do.


background photos // Rio Chantel