Lunar Breath for Pisces Season


We all dwell in the formless peaceful ocean of infinite existence, and with the sun in Pisces, a mutable water sign, it's a good time to get comfy there.

This kundalini meditation is one of my favorites ever, but it feels especially perfect for Pisces season. 

Pisces arrives at the "end" of the astrological cycle, assimilating all the previous lessons of the zodiac into an oceanic dreamworld of sensation and feeling. Because Pisces can be on the emotional side, I love this meditation for balancing those energies while letting you fully embody them. 


Instructions for the meditation:

  • Sit in easy pose with your legs crossed, or sit on your heels, whichever feels more comfortable. You can also sit on a cushion if that feels better. Even sitting in a chair works, just keep your feet flat on the floor. Whatever position you choose, keep your spine straight with your chin slightly tucked to elongate your spine. 

  • Rest your left hand on your left leg with your fingers in gyan mudra

  • Raise your right hand to your right nostril, and cover your right nostril with your thumb, fingers extended. 

  • With long slow deep breaths, breathe in and out of your left nostril. At the top of each inhale, suspend the breath as long as it's comfortable for you, then slowly exhale. At the bottom of each exhale, suspend the breath as long as you comfortably can. When you're suspending your breath, stay relaxed and notice the stillness. Continue for 11 minutes.


You could meditate in silence or choose any favorite kundalini mantra, but I really love Simrit's live version of Kudrat Kavan. Kudrat Kavan is a mantra from the 17th Pauri of Japji, and the translation is perfect reflection of the energy of Pisces--

Kudrat kavan kahaa vichaar. Vaariaa na jaavaa ek vaar.

Jo tudh bhaavai sai bhali kaar. Tu sadaa salaamat Nirankaar.

How can I speak and reflect on the power of infinity? I cannot offer myself even one time 
What pleases the you (universe) is a good action. 
You (universe) are always at peace and formless