Sagittarius Season + Breathwork for Clearing Space

Photo: Rio Chantel

Photo: Rio Chantel

Sagittarius is all about growth and expansion and abundance, and I’m so excited it coincides with the release of new offerings and a new website to go along with them. In the same way that the jewelry business was birthed a decade ago, beginning to do Human Design readings has been a completely natural, organic, flowing process. (I’ll say more about that in the future.)

A huge component of expansion is shedding dead weight to make room for growth, so keep doing the Scorpio work, dropping the layers, objects, behaviors, habits, thought forms, anything that’s holding you back.

This is a beautiful time to begin setting your intentions for 2019! What changes do you want to make, where do you want to be, who do you want to be? When Capricorn season begins on the Dec. 21st Solstice, we can start taking concrete steps to actualize our intentions, but for now let’s just dream big and clear space.

Clear Space for Expansion

It’s hard to bring in all the good stuff when we’re still holding onto the bullshit, so we need to be mindful of what’s taking up space in our bodies. Blockages in our physical and energetic bodies are created by emotions that we haven’t dealt with, and they cause patterns in our life. These patterns repeat over and over, trying to force us to deal with the root cause, the stuck emotional block. We all have blockages, and they’ve probably become such an integral part of our identity that we don’t even notice them, or even want to get rid of them when we get down to the subconscious level, so it takes some effort to release them. (The process is actually super easy and simple, but watch how your ego reacts when you start to do it.) These stuck emotions affect all levels of our being, and they absolutely affect our experience on the physical plane. With all these hidden attachments, what is our projection attracting, and what is it repelling? What do we have the strength to bring in, and what do we have the strength to hold onto?

To clear blockages in the body, I haven’t found anything more effective than breathwork, which is a fancy way of saying breathing. It’s simple and free and everyone can do it. (When was the last time you took a few really deep breaths? Hopefully in the past 24 hours max, for your own health and sanity.) I use the exercise below all the time when I feel something “negative” come up, and I’m 111% sure that it works. Even a few minutes of mindful breathing can bring you back into alignment. And just because breathing is our birthright doesn’t mean we know its secrets, so absolutely seek out a breathwork teacher or workshop if it calls to you!

Note 1: If you have serious trauma in your past, you may want to enlist professional support in working through your blockages.

Note 2: When I’m really angry and the thought of just sitting quietly and breathing is too unappealing (which means I really need to sit quietly and breathe), I do some heavier physical activity to release steam, then I come back to this practice to figure out where the anger is coming from.

This is a great exercise for when an uncomfortable emotion comes up:

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and begin taking deep breaths. Come into a relaxed state, as much as possible. We’ll work into it.

  2. Find the area of your body that’s holding the emotion. You may not immediately be able to pinpoint it, but sit with it and you’ll find it.

  3. Surrender to the feeling. Don’t try to bypass it. Let it exist. It won’t be comfortable, but the only way through it is through it. No going around. If you cheat here, you’re only cheating yourself because it’ll keep showing up again and again until you deal with it. For your entire life. So just do the thing. Your mind will try to negotiate out of it, but bring your attention back to the feeling.

  4. Breathe into it. Wherever you’re feeling discomfort, breathe deeply into that area of your body. Stick with it! Again, there’s no going around it, just through it. Sometimes it’s pretty mild, sometimes it’s almost unbearable. (In my experience, kundalini yoga has been very powerful in allowing me to sit with very uncomfortable feelings, can’t recommend it enough.) The feeling might transform in less than a minute, or it might stick around for a while. If you deeply surrender, breathe, and sit with it long enough, it will transform. Sometimes it transforms into a feeling of peace, and sometimes the feeling travels to a new area of the body. This is great either way! If it’s still uncomfortable, but in a new spot, that means it’s a deep one, and it’s amazing that you’ve cleared away one of its layers. Progress!! It might move on to yet another area in your body. Keep going! Eventually, usually within a few minutes, the feeling will dissipate. Congratulations, you’ve cleared a block.

  5. Repeat as needed. You’ll probably notice that the same feeling will arise repeatedly in the same place, and that’s normal! We’re human, so we’ll always come up against discomfort, and there can be so many layers to each blockage, but bypassing it will never clear the root. Surrendering to breath does.