Libra Season — Beauty + Balance


Archetype: The Artist // Cultivate beauty & harmony

Do: Breath of Fire // For Libra season (an Air sign!), it makes sense to use your breath to balance to your systems. I'm committed to a daily kundalini practice and I feel compelled to help spread the word because it's so amazing. It can get weird, in a good way, but stick with it and you will feel completely transformed. This breath is a yoga staple, and the even rhythm energizes you and balances your nervous system.

Watch: Downton Abbey // A blend of dichotomies with beautiful sets and costumes.
If that's not your thing, how about Harold and Maude?

Listen: Cat Stevens // If You Want to Sing Out
           You can do it today
           You can make it all true

Tarot Card: Justice // Weigh the scales, the goal is a fair outcome. Do you need to add or discard anything for more harmony?


  • Opal: luck, happiness, Light energy

  • Agate: balance, security, confidence

  • Moonstone: protection, clarity, wisdom

  • Lapis: harmony, truth, knowledge