Mental Authority Workbook

Mental Authority Workbook


What does it mean to make decisions with your Mental Authority, aka Sounding Board Authority, Environmental Authority, or sometimes even “No Inner Authority?”

Our personal Authority in Human Design is the inner wisdom that we can rely on to make the best decisions for ourselves. By surrendering to our Strategy and Authority, we align with our purpose and allow the mind to relax, releasing doubts, confusion, and anxiety.

In your workbook~

  • Authority overview

  • Quick alignment check-ins you can use throughout your day

  • Journal prompts to go deeper into alignment, uncover patterns of conditioning, and get comfortable with your Authority

You’ll receive a pdf workbook which will be available to download for 24 hours.

If you know someone who would benefit from this info please send them here! I’ve found that information carries more momentum when it’s accompanied by an energetic exchange, i.e. value, time, money. With each purchase, we’re setting intentions (and casting spells) for how we want to live and who we want to be, so please enjoy this resource with integrity.

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