Get out of your own way so you can take the ride your soul intended.


A science ahead of its time, Human Design combines astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the I’Ching, biochemistry, and genetics to create a map of your personal energetic mechanics.

We each have something special to offer the world, and our own unique way of expressing it.

We’re each here to be our unique selves.

We’re not here to be homogenous, yet we’re conditioned from birth to be/learn/eat/sleep/work/exist the “correct” way. Human Design reminds us that there is no single correct way to live, and each of us is here to be an expression of infinite diversity. The way of being that comes naturally to us is exactly the way we’re here to function as our highest selves. Along the way, we’ve probably tried to change what makes us special in order to conform to others’ standards. We all inherently know this and don’t need any exterior tools to come back into our natural state of being, but after a lifetime of conditioning, the affirmation of a Human Design bodygraph reading can be the catalyst needed to reintegrate your personal rhythms.

The body always knows.

Your body is equipped with an inner guidance system that gives you all the right answers, but we’ve been taught to ignore it in favor of the mind’s rationalizations. The mind is an amazing, valuable tool, but how many times have you made a logical decision based on the available information, only to realize later that it was an absolute disaster? So then the mind is on to the next solution, “ok that didn’t work, now let’s try this…” on and on and on. If we tune into our bodies, we have a powerful built-in directional system to guide us, we just need to learn how to recognize and reconnect with it. We’re all completely unique, with different ways of tuning in, and Human Design can tell you how to sync with your own guidance system.

In my own experience,

after building a successful jewelry business, I found myself increasingly burnt out (a sign that I wasn’t applying my energy wisely), bitter that all my outreach and hard work wasn’t winning me as much recognition as I thought it would (typical Projector experience), overwhelmed physically and mentally trying to keep up with the intense labor and materials tracking (another recipe for Projector burn-out), and generally anxious about juggling everything that a small product-based business entails. I still love jewelry, but as a full-time process, it became unsustainable.

When I look back over my life, including my career and relationships, I’ve enjoyed the most success when I was (accidentally) living according to my design.

And when I wasn’t experiencing success? In hindsight, I can see that I was living as my “Not-Self.” The Not-Self is the Conditioned Self, the Self that’s been molded by exterior expectations, the Self that, despite hints from the body, thinks “I have to do it this way to be successful and accepted because that’s just how it’s done.” Which just isn’t true, and deep down we know it. Human Design is the map that reacquaints you with your unique way of energetically collaborating with the world.

We are our own gurus. The self-healing begins when we recognize ourselves, and Human Design can be the catalyst.


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