What is Human Design?


Get out of your own way & take the ride your soul intended.


Human Design is a science ahead of its time, combining ancient and contemporary modalities including astrology, the I’Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakras, quantum physics, genetics, and biochemistry to produce a map of your personal energetics.

We each have something special to offer the world, and our own unique way of expressing it. We’re each here to be our unique selves. We’re not here to be homogenous, yet we’re often conditioned from birth to be/learn/eat/sleep/work/exist a certain way. Along the way, we’ve probably tried to change what makes us special in order to conform to others’ standards. Human Design reminds us that there is no single correct way to live, and each of us is here to be an expression of infinite diversity. The way of being that comes naturally to us is exactly the way we’re here to function as our highest selves.

We all inherently know this and don’t need any exterior tools to come back into our natural state of being, but after a lifetime of conditioning, the discovery of your Human Design energetics can be the catalyst needed to release your conditioned fears and reintegrate your personal rhythms.

We’re all completely unique, with different ways of tuning in— Human Design can show us how to sync with our own inner guidance system, aligning with the wisdom of our bodies and allowing our minds to relax.

We are our own gurus. The self-healing/self-acceptance/self-love/self-actualization/self-realization/self-ownership/SOVEREIGNTY begins when we recognize ourselves.


Human Design is the map that reacquaints you with your unique way of energetically collaborating with the world.


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