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As a 6/2 Projector, I spent the first 30 years of my life learning everything the hard way, so my knowledge is internalized from experience. I’ve lived it, I’ve run through the fire, and I’ve found my solutions by trying everything, reading everything, diving deep into every modality. I want to share all I’ve learned because this knowledge is universal, it belongs to everyone. We already know it, but sometimes we need to be reminded.

As you’re dealing with your own energetic shifts, remember that dozens, hundreds, thousands of us are going through it with you or have dealt with it in the past, so any solution you find can potentially help multiple people in your circle, who will then pass it on to others, who will then pass it on to others, and then huge shifts can occur.

We always have to start with ourselves, then our amplified energy can radiate outward instead of being consumed by our own fears.

This is your opportunity to speak for the collective consciousness and ask all your questions about Human Design, “wellness,” spirituality, ANY modality you’re interested in. I’ve experimented with it all, and it’s time to share that knowledge or connect you with someone who can.

Periodically (aiming for bi-weekly), I’ll send out a recording of my feedback with an index of questions, so you can skip to the ones that apply to you. Your questions can be broad or specific, and you’re welcome to ask as many as you’d like. They don’t have to be Human Design-related, and if I can’t answer your question I’d love to consult with my friends that do have that knowledge, so don’t be shy! I can’t guarantee that every single question will be answered, but I’ll do my best.

Your questions and contact info will be kept anonymous and confidential, always.

I believe that on a spiritual quest there are distances we must travel on our own, and our challenge is to learn how to do that. Then there are other times when it’s best to seek the counsel of others. Along the way, through trial and error, we learn when to go it alone and when to get assistance. And we learn that, ultimately, we are here to help one another.

-Dr. Linda Howe

How to Participate

Couldn’t be easier, and you have nothing to lose, because this is freely offered.

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For now, “community” is the shared experiences and questions from everyone’s submissions, and we’ll see how it evolves.


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