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"We're so concerned about ourselves, whether we can do this or that, be good at this or all that stuff. We don't understand that uniqueness has no measurement, that when you actually get to experience what it is to be you, you realize that nobody can be you better than you... And you get to see the perfection of that, because it is a perfection."

~Ra Uru Hu


“Out of all the amazing things I got from my reading with Laurel, what has stuck with me most is the immense new depth of self-compassion and acceptance I’ve found within myself. Her highly detailed reading validated what seemed to be a secret only I knew. It helped me unlock and accept my deepest, often hidden, most authentic self— and made me so excited to honour it by being exactly who I came here to be instead of looking at the world through a veil of comparison and conditioning. Her knowledge and guidance brought me great ease, comfort, and sheer joy, I feel like I’ve been floating since.

Rachel S.

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