Laurel Hill


  • 6/2 Emotional Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Revolution

  • Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Rising, Gemini Moon

Laurel uses her awareness of the energetics of Human Design to help you get out of your own way so you can take the ride your soul intended.

After devoting a decade to building a successful jewelry business, she realized she had somehow strayed faaaar out of alignment, experiencing constant stress, burnout, and fatigue, plus a terrifying realization that she had no idea how to do it differently. Human Design found her at just the right time and opened the door to total self-acceptance (a lifelong work-in-progress) and a more satisfying, peaceful, aligned life. She immersed herself in the study of Human Design to guide others on their journey and share this wisdom that’s within us all.

Laurel lives in the mountains of Missoula, Montana, where she enjoys practicing Kundalini yoga, energy work, cats, watching British television with her husband, & keeping up to date on conspiracy “theories.”  

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Laurel Hill Jewelry is inspired by the Anima Mundi-- the form and function of universal iconography that resonates throughout cycles of time.

Jewelry is a natural extension of Laurel’s interest in the intangible, as changing our adornment can create a noticeable difference in the way we feel. Seemingly unrelated, an exterior piece of jewelry and an interior state of feeling become connected by that energy exchange.

Pieces are forged in the mountains of western Montana using traditional metalworking techniques with a focus on sustainability. 

Laurel Hill Jewelry has been on the covers of Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, in the pages of W, Nylon, Outside, Glamour Italia and Vogue Deutschland, seen in music videos (Madonna!), and on TV (on Shailene Woodley and in Longmire), plus online mentions on Refinery29, Garance Doré, Design*Sponge, A Beautiful Mess, Jezebel, Elle, and Nylon.